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A residential community just outside Santa Fe, NM

Roads Survey Results

Thanks to everyone who provided candid and constructive responses to the Roads Survey. The board received 47 responses representing 49 lots. This summary of non-narrative survey results provides very useful information that will help in developing a roads maintenance plan and ultimately a proposed Roads Budget for consideration by Association members later this year. These Survey results support the following takeaways:

  • Most respondents have a relatively high sense of safety while driving on The Ridges roads.
  • Respondents living on the paved road (Principe de Paz) were more satisfied, on average, with the condition of their road than respondents living on unpaved roads.
  • The top adverse issues identified by respondents were washboards, snow/ice, dust, and mud, in that order. Other adverse issues were identified less often.
  • Many respondents expressed no preference in the color of road gravel. The majority of those who did choose a color preferred brown gravel over gray.

The Roads Committee is working on an options analysis that will present relative costs and other pros and cons of the brown vs gray gravel issue.

  • A strong majority of respondents were willing to pay more for road maintenance and repairs.

The Board acknowledges and respects the 10% of respondents who do not support paying more for roads. 

  • Increasing annual dues was the most preferred option to pay for increased road costs.


The Board continues its analysis of narrative responses to the Roads Survey and will present these results in the near future.

Below are graphs showing detail of the responses.  

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