The Ridges Landowners Association

A residential community just outside Santa Fe, NM

Removal of Dead Trees

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
It is with great sadness and some anxiety that we see piñon and other trees in the mountains, woodlands, and within The Ridges, turn brown and die as a result of drought and bark beetle attack. 
The 2020 Santa Fe County Community Wildfire Protection Plan advises property owners to regularly remove dead trees and shrubs in order to minimize the risk of wildfire. 
(Page A-24)
Apologies…the link for Santa Fe County was withdrawn from their site.  Here is a link from the County about Bark Beetles:
The Board of Directors of The Ridges Landowners’ Association, Inc. requests that all members promptly cut down and properly dispose of all dead trees and shrubs on their property. Please do not attempt to fell trees on your own unless you have the proper equipment and experience to safely do so. A number of contractors operate in this area and can be hired to remove your dead trees. 
Additionally, as explained at the March 20, 2022 meeting and in the slides for the meeting posted on the Association website, , the Board wants to identify all residents who may need assistance in the event of a wildfire emergency evacuation. There is no shame in asking for assistance and we have no doubt that many of your friends and neighbors will help you evacuate to safety. If you may need assistance, please contact the Board at
We are all in this together. 
The Ridges Board of Directors
The Ridges Landowners’ Association
P.O. Box 22352
Santa Fe NM 87502-2352

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  1. I would like to highly recommend the tree service that we engaged to remove dead pinon. It is Steve Ortega, A-Plus Tree Cutting Services, (505)670-2020. They responded promptly, came on the day and time arranged, did a quick, efficient and neat job of removing the trees and hauling the wood. We also had them prune a troublesome hackberry tree and they did a great job.
    Judy Nelson-Moore
    23 Immanuel